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2018 Prizelist


2018 HRHSS prizelist

Class Schedule

Ring 1: Starts at 8:00am
20                    VHSA Equitation on the Flat 14 & under****

21                     VHSA Equitation on the Flat 15-17****

22                     VHSA Equitation on the Flat Adult****

14,15,16            Hunter Pleasure Pony***

17,18.19            Hunter Pleasure Horse***

23,24,25              Open Hunter

26,27,28           Working Hunter

29,30,31           Green Hunter Horse* 

32, 33,34          Thoroughbred Hunter

35                       VHSA Children’s/Adult Eq over Fences*****

36,37,38           Adult/Amateur Hunter

39,40,41           Junior/Children’s Hunter

Schooling Break

35p                     VHSA Pony Equitation over Fences*****

32p, 33p,34p   Green Hunter Pony*

42,43,44           Pony Hunter


Ring 2: Starts at 10:00am
1                           Leadline

2,3,4                  Short/Long Stirrup Equitation

5,6,7                Short Stirrup Hunter

8.9.10               Walk-Trot Equitation

11,12,13             Beginner Pleasure

Schooling Break

45,46,47           Baby Green Hunter

48,49,50          Student Equitation

51,52,53           Special Hunter

Classes in bold are VHSA Associate.

*    Green Hunter may combine horses and ponies as entries warrant

**   Children’s Hunter & Adult/Amateur may be combined as entries warrant

***   Hunter Pleasure  Pony & Horse may be combined as entries warrant

****  VHSA Eq on the Flat may be combined as entries warrant

***** VHSA Eq over fences may be combined as entries warrant

Class Specifications

OPEN HUNTER – Open to juniors and amateur adults on horses or ponies. Fence heights – 18″-3′.

WORKING HUNTER – Open to animals that are not entered in a pony division at the same show. As a clarification, any animal that competes in a VHSA Associate recognized horse division is ineligible to compete in any VHSA Associate Pony Division at the same show. Fence heights –  2′ 6″ and 3′. The Working Hunter Division can be combined with the Green horse division, and only the green horse division in order to make either of the two divisions fill. Each to jump their respective height and judged together.

BABY GREEN HUNTER  Open to horses and ponies.  May compete over a regular hunter course at the trot or canter. Simple Changes permitted.  Fence heights – 18″, 2′ or 2’3″. No oxers.  This division does not affect a pony’s eligibility to show in green pony in upcoming seasons.

THOROUGHBRED HUNTER – Open to riders on any Jockey Club registered thoroughbred. Qualifying class for the $1500 Hunter Stake at the Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Shows in Lexington, VA. Fence heights – 2’3, 2’6″, 3′

GREEN HUNTER – Open to horses in their first or second year of showing over fences and ponies showing in their first year over fences at standard fence heights.  A horse’s green status is not affected if the horse has not been shown in more than three (3) com-petitions prior to May 15th of any competition year.   To be judged on performance, soundness, and way of going. and soundness. Extreme speed will be penalized.   If entries warrant, division will be divided between horses and ponies.   Fence heights – 2′ for small ponies, 2’3” for medium ponies, 2’6” for large ponies, 2’6″ for horses.

CHILDREN’S HUNTER – Open to rider’s on horses who are 17 years and under.  Fence heights –  2’6″, or 3′.

ADULT AMATEUR HUNTER – Open to adult amateur riders.  If this division does not fill it will be combined with Children’s Hunter.   Same rules as Children’s Hunter. Fence heights – 2’6″, or 3′.

PONY HUNTEROpen to ponies 14.2 hh and under.   If entries warrant, class will be split. Fence heights – 2′ for small, 2’ 3” for medium, 2’6″ for large.

VHSA ASSOCIATE EQUITATIONOpen to all riders.  Only the rider is judged.  To be judged on correct position and ability.   The performance begins when the horse and rider enter the ring.   Jumping faults of the horse are not to be considered unless it is the result of the rider’s inability.   To be judged over a course of at least eight (8) fences with the second phase on the flat.   Fence heights small ponies 2’, medium 2’3”, large 2’6”; horses 2’6” or 3’

STUDENT EQUITATION OVER FENCES – Open to junior or amateur riders. Fence height is 18″- 2′ and will not have oxers. Simple changes permitted. Rider will NOT be allowed to cross enter into any other Equitation over fences class and may only cross enter into Short Stirrup Hunter or Special Hunter and may not jump more than a 2′ fence at any HRHSS show. Adults may ride ponies. If rider places 1st-3rd in year end points for HRHSS  they are no longer eligible to compete in Student Equitation.

SPECIAL HUNTER  Open to Junior/Amateur riders on horses or ponies. Fence height is 2′ or 2’3″ No oxers. Horse/ pony and rider may not compete in any other Associate recognized division at the same show.

VHSA ASSOCIATE EQUITATION ON THE FLAT – Open to all riders.  To be shown at a walk, trot and canter both ways of the ring and judged on position, control and guidance.  Further flatwork testing may be required at the judges discretion.

HUNTER PLEASURE – Open to horses and ponies ridden in proper hunter tack and attire.   To be performed at a walk/trot/canter, both directions of the ring.   Division to be divided between horses and ponies if possible. The first class will be Walk-Trot, the second class will be GAYP, and the third class will be Walk-Trot-Canter.

SHORT/LONG STIRRUP EQUITATION – Open to riders in their first year of showing over fences.   Only the rider is to be judged.   Riders are encouraged to trot or canter over four (4) simple fences no more than 18″ in height.   Rider should show control of mount and basic correct position. Flat class is a walk/trot only.   Rider will NOT be allowed to cross-enter into any other Hunter (over fences) class or division except Short Stirrup Hunter.

SHORT STIRRUP HUNTER– Open to riders 12 and under.  The only regular VHSA associate divisions that  horse or rider may compete in is Hunter Pleasure at the same show.

WALK/TROT EQUITATION – Open to riders in their first or second year of showing who have not won a year-end award (Champion or Reserve Champion) in Walk/Trot Equitation.  Only the rider is to be judged. To be shown at a walk/trot, both directions of the ring.   NO CANTER ALLOWED.   To be judged on correction position of hands, seat, and legs of whichever discipline is being ridden.   Individual test performed at the discretion of the judge.   Rider may cross-enter into Beginner Pleasure and Short /Long Stirrup Equitation.

BEGINNER PLEASURE – Open to riders in their first or second year of showing. To be shown at a walk/trot, both directions of the ring. To be judged on the horses ability to perform safely and soundly for a beginner rider.   NO CANTER  ALLOWED.